GRE at Karenglish

Do not focus on “What to learn”. Focus on “How to learn and use the skills for learning”. Karenglish encourages you to become an autonomous learner through self-assessments!


Graduate Record Examinations for studying at graduate schools in the United States.

Learn how to analyse questions and solve them through lexical and syntactic structures

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Diagnostic Test

Self-diagnostic Assessment

Identify what to improve through a diagnostic assessment

– logic, vocabulary and signal questions

Diagnostic assessment

1:1 lectures

Becoming an autonomous learner can be realised with appropriate and effective guidelines. Karenglish provides each student with customised lectures that address each learner’s needs

learn how to think, not what to memorise

Listening to lectures itself does not make you an autonomous learner. Learning how to think can help you identify which skills you should improve.

“Where am I?”
Know where you are now.

Survey questions for reflecting yourself

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